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The Track

Through this project I research the phenomena of Coincidence involving People, Time and Space.

The starting point of the route was a wooden box with inside the first bead that I placed onto the string on the 28th of November in the year 2015 in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.

After having published a photo of the 1th bead together with my story on social media I passed the box on to my friend, who did the same and so the track goes on.

Now that the box is out of my control, where will it go? Who are the people that will receive it? And what factors are controlling the track? Are there any physical laws that we can discover through simply analysing some of the parallels and connections in the project?

If you are as curious as me you can follow the track online and see how the necklace grows in value through all the beads and great personal stories from the people who happen to receive the box of coincidence.

Instructions for those who happen to receive the box:

  1. Add a bead to the necklace.
  2. Write a personal story (This can be about anything: for example about something that you either love or hate or about something that is important to you, something you whish or dream, you can keep it as simple or make it as meaningful as you whish, you ‘re a 100% free in what you decide to write and how long you make it)
  3. Take one or more photo’s of your bead (Please consider the quality, composition and the background of your photo)
  4. Mail your story and photo(s) to info@blei-ji.com. Your Story and photo’s will be added to the gallery on this website and on Facebook together with an update of the geographical map of the track.
  5. Like Track of Coincidence on Facebook so that you can follow the necklace and all the stories.
  6. Pass the necklace (with the box) on to some one who would like to participate. (Within approximately two weeks)