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Design, Craftsmanship & Sustainability

``I create the boots, but the inspiration which allows me to do so, comes from something created by the boots themselves. It’s actually the track through time and space created by their own steps what really fascinates me. Their journey is still undetermined and it’s beyond my control. It’s just out of curiosity that I’m following them.``

Blei Ji

Design, Craftsmanship & Sustainability are the main ingredients of Blei Ji. The boots and shoes are handcrafted by small family businesses in Italy and Spain. As a designer I am constantly looking for new eco friendly materials for the boots & shoes, like re-cycled jeans, vegetable tanned leather & hand-woven textiles. Each Blei Ji model defines itself by the specific combination of materials used in the design.

As Blei Ji highly values freedom and diversity in life, we can find these elements also being reflected in the shoes. All shoes are handmade and like people, no pair will be the same. Each pair is unique in colour of leather, denim or textile.


After I graduated from the fashion design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, I packed my bags and travelled to South America to find a connection between design and my love for nature.

The artistic brand Blei Ji where Design, Craftsmanship and Sustainability come together slowly started to develop after having met a Chilean Artist who’s vision and lifestyle inspired me in a great way.


He made me reflect upon a couple of things like for instance our perception of value and success. How is it even possible that all of these decades we allowed our vision to be so blurred that we consider commercial profit derived from the exploitation of people and planet, as profit and valuable? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Shouldn’t value and profit be derived from actions and products that stimulate the wellbeing of people and planet? That made me realise that it is time for action and to take some steps towards a more sustainable future. And for those steps we need some great shoes!