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Vermont, USA 12-02-2017

For years I have used a pendulum. Both for dousing and for asking questions and through the wavelengths of a pendulum I get answers. I cannot explain how this works other than once I heard that angels speak to us through vibrations-like a musical note traveling through the air, the pendulum itself acts like a vibration.

I have many pendulums I loved and lost. I figure I am seeding the earth with pendulums. Sometimes I will make half a dozen at a time so that like reading glasses, I can always have one at the ready. If I always wore jeans I would have a constant place form y beloved pendulum; instead, I love to wear fun clothes that have different and sometimes shallow pockets if any.

A friend gifted me a huge chest of beads she inherited from her grandmother, knowing my pendulum habit. I love this chest, as it means I have a lifetime supply of beads form y pendulum-seeding.

This bead is one of my traveling box of beads as I currently live in a Sprinter van. My home is Vermont, but right now I’m like the Johnny Appleseed of pendulums. If you ever want to make a pendulum, I find any dense object works: metal, quartz, dense pottery. 

This bead on our 100-bead string I would combine with a few others to get the right weigth.