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New Mexico, USA 06-01-2017

Having lived all my adult life in New Mexico, USA, I have come to appreciate the beauty not only of the natural landscapes of sandstone, turquoise sky, tall Ponderosa pines, scrub juniper and pinon bushes, but also the beauty and ways of the Native American cultures.

My beads reflect two important chapters in my life. New Mexico is represented by the iconic turquoise bead and the Heishi shell beads the 3 years I lived on a small island in Micronesia reflect my love of Oceana.

Heishi beads are usually made of stones or shells. The handmade ones are chipped into circles then ground smooth around the edges. A small hand drill with a cactus spine serving as the drill, bores the hole in the center. I bought the beads years ago at a trading post in Algodones, NM. These beads were made by the Kewa Pueblo people. Heishi (hee-shee) means shell bead in the Keresan language.